CRM2Plus for Individual Investing

Do you lack the time to keep an eye on your investments? Get a better grasp on your portfolio with our easy-to-use financial analysis software. Generate a rough outline of your portfolio's history with out fast input tools, or upload your financial statements to our server to get a detailed breakdown of your investing history in a matter of minutes*. Use benchmark analysis to compare your investing returns to a standard benchmark, or use historical benchmark data to perfect your investing strategy going forward. Analyze your investments individually, grouped into plans, or your entire financial picture all at once.

CRM2Plus for Financial Planners

Are your clients confused or concerned by their CRM2 reports? Give them the detailed, easily understood graphical analysis they need to put their minds at ease. Show off your investing skill by comparing your clients portfolios to a series of customized benchmarks. Did you save your client thousands of dollars by convincing them not to invest during a bubble or cash out during a crash? Create a comparison portfolio with altered cashflow timings to put the value of your advice on display.

CRM2Plus for Institutions

Do you want to streamline and a standardize the financial reporting being done by your team? CRM2Plus software can be licensed for use by an entire office or administration. The software can be accessed online, or set up and hosted locally at your workplace.